How-To: Ranunculus Row


Seeking something more creative than a traditional bouquet for Easter centerpieces, the long, low profile of the galvanized trough planter caught our eye. Shaped with spacious dinner tables in mind, this narrow vessel seemed just right for pairing with springtime flowers. Planter in hand, we plucked a few ranunculus blooms from the garden to create a playful centerpiece, in which open space and a touch of green highlight the colorful blossoms.

What You’ll Need:

Galvanized trough planter
Wood plank: 47.5”L, 4.5”W, 0.25”D
Floral foam or potting soil
Small finishing nails
Ranunculus flowers (approx. 15)
Clump moss
Baby’s tears

1. Choose your ranunculus blooms. Snip the stems to the desired height (ours are between 6 and 10 inches). Remove all leaves, leaving only the flower behind, and set aside in a vase of water.

2. Cut a piece of floral foam that fits the trough to support the flower board, leaving space at the top so the board will be flush with the lip of the trough when placed. Alternately, fill the trough with potting soil to the same level.

3. Cut a piece of wood to fit the trough (47.5”L, 4.5”W, 0.25”D). Around half an inch of space should remain between each side and the sides of the planter.

4. Decide how you would like to space your blooms, then drive nails upwards through the bottom of the wood in the appropriate places.

5. Place the foam in the trough, then tuck clump moss and baby’s tears around the edges and secure by placing the board, nails facing up. If you filled your planter with soil, plant the moss and baby’s tears around the edges before placing the board.

6. Carefully slide the stems of the ranunculus onto the nails. 

7. Place on your table to cheer gathered family and friends!

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