A Walk at Welkinweir with Ryan Jane Co.


Floral designers, fellow Philadelphians, and longtime friends; Matt and Melissa of Ryan Jane Co. have been bringing their botanical and design magic to terrain since our earliest days, and we're thrilled that they've offered to stop by the bulletin now and again to share the latest excitement from their busy workshop. In this first installment, the duo shares their afternoon exploring a nearby arboreal respite.

"We fell in love with Welkinweir this weekend. A hidden gem of natural and historic beauty in the Pennsylvania's Chester County countryside, Welkinweir is at once a park, an estate, and an unbelievable wedding destination. There is so much to discover here: hidden pathways lead to majestic views, stately landscapes slope into centuries-old ruins, and lush gardens roll into natural lakes… There's beauty at every turn. We brought buckets of garden roses and the season's brightest star, café au lait dahlias, for our bride and groom. When the sun set, casting an amber glow on the evening, we found ourselves carried away exploring the grounds of this quietly splendid place.

We hope you enjoy this vicarious walk through Welkinweir as much as we enjoyed ours!"


Photography courtesy of Amanda Kraft and Ryan Jane Co.

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