A Terrain Picnic


As Memorial Day marks the unofficial arrival of summer, we're spreading our blankets for meals on the beach, at the park, or simply in our own backyards with a little inspiration from Tori Finch's new book, A Perfect Day for a Picnic.We're also making some creative additions to our baskets this year thanks to chef Keith Rudolf and the café team at Styer's, who devised a picnic menu packed with dishes starring the season's freshest produce. Just right for warm weather dining, we were especially eager to try the quinoa salad mixed with asparagus and dandelion greens, so our chef kindly shared his recipe, found below. We imagine updating it with a variety of veggies as our gardens flourish.


A terrain Picnic Menu

Roasted Beet Salad with goat cheese, mint, basil, pink peppercorns, and orange oil

Smoked Turkey Sandwich with bibb lettuce, tomato jam, and pickled red onion on fresh baguette

Stone Fruit Salad with mint yogurt

Quinoa Salad with asparagus, dandelion greens, red onion, and feta

Quinoa & Asparagus Salad

1/2 cup quinoa, boiled for 15 minutes and strained
1 bunch asparagus– blanched and cut into 1" segments on the bias
1 bunch dandelion greens– cleaned and sliced very thin (chiffonade)
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
3 tablespoons cider vinegar
Half a red onion– small dice
As much feta as you want 
Small pinch of red pepper flakes
Salt & pepper to taste

Boil and strain quinoa and toss with asparagus, dandelion greens, onion, and feta. Add olive oil, vinegar, and spices to taste and mix until evenly seasoned. Stow in your basket and set off for a picnic!

Images courtesy of A Perfect Day for a Picnic by Tori Finch (Ryland Peters & Small). Copyright © 2013. Photographs by Georgia Glynn-Smith.

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