A Pot et Fleur Valentine


Pot et Fleur, literally translated to “pot and flower,” is an art of floral arrangement that came into fashion during the Victorian era. Combining cut flowers with potted plants was considered both beautiful and economical, allowing a single arrangement to be used again and again. Using some of our favorite early-spring blooms, terrain installation designer Matt M. put this bygone art to the test, with breathtaking results.

“The deeper we get into winter, the more I need to surround myself with lush blooms,” says Matt. “The concept of Pot et Fleur blends living plants and fresh cut flowers for an incomparable floral moment. For this Pot et Fleur, I started with two potted orchids-- a stunning little Cypridedium and the always breathtaking Oncidium-- in a delicate, terracotta urn. I created an asymmetrical floral crown of sweet peas, lilacs, hellebores, scabiosa, and clematis for the ultimate spring come-hither. Budding tuliptree branches support the architecture of the Oncidium and a cluster of Rex begonia leaves bring dramatic foliage, while airy plumose fern and a wisp of Hardenbergia add just the right amount of lacy texture.”

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