Patterns in Nature with Kaitlin Dodds


As we shared in a previous post about our new tropical installation at Styer’s, we’re in the midst of transforming our stores into a lush landscape of vivid color and natural texture with new displays. The latest addition lives behind our registers and we chatted with our Styer’s display coordinator, Kaitlin Dodds, to hear how it came to life.

She says, “this season, we’re emphasizing bold patterns, simple color stories, natural materials, and rope weavings. I used foraged branches as the backdrop, creating a textural pattern that has a slightly three-dimensional quality. As a subtle nod to our weaving concept, I wrapped threads in various shades of green around the branches to create gradients of color, adding even more dimension.”

“In terms of creating the pattern with the branches, I freehanded a geometric pattern on a board, which enabled me to cut branches in particular sizes and angles. I added larger branches and moss in the foreground in order to make it appear as if trees were growing through the display,” she explains. Kaitlin and the Styer’s team will be continuing to change these inspiring installations through the seasons and we’re excited to watch them grow!

Our annual Dig into Spring festival is happening at Styer’s on April 20th, which would be the perfect time to take in all our new displays! Hope to see you there!

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