A Living Wreath Installation with Kaitlin Dodds


Our barn wall at Styer’s is a special spot that’s played host to many eye-catching, innovative installations over the years, and on a recent visit we were lucky enough to see this gorgeous wreath come together. We chatted with Kaitlin Dodds, our display coordinator at Styer’s, to hear the behind-the-scenes process for bringing the wreath to life.

Kaitlin says, “I wanted to make an impactful and oversized planted wreath for the front of the store that would grow and become even more of a statement as we move through the spring and summer months. I chose bright pink bougainvillea as the main plant for the display, knowing that their wild branch-like forms would only become more exaggerated as they grew, hopefully wrapping around and filling the wreath as time goes on. The pink of the bougainvillea blooms and the orange of the willow branches dictated the color story of the whole display, so I incorporated other plants to enhance that idea, like lantana, creeping jenny, ferns, and sweet potato vine. Each plant got planted in black terracotta pots that were then attached in and around the wreath using pot rings. We also added irrigation to the wreath so that each pot would be sufficiently watered every morning. Over time, as the plants grow in, I hope that the wreath becomes an even more wild and dramatic statement.”

Our stores are overflowing with creative installations, home décor, and plants for the nursery. Be sure to stop by your local terrain to explore this spring!

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