A Floating Garden Centerpiece with our Creative Stylist


This stunning—and simple!—summer centerpiece project is perfect for those times when you’ve just cut some fresh flowers from the garden or want to make the most of a bouquet just past its prime. We asked our creative stylist, Beth Clevenstine, to share her process for the wax-dipped botanicals; read on to learn how to make your own.

What You’ll Need
Aluminum Foil Sheets
White Wax Tea Lights
Fresh Flowers and Leaves
Shallow Bowl Centerpiece
Brass Plant Stand
Sunflower or Corn Oil (Important Note: never use petroleum or alcohol-based oils)
Floating Wicks

How to Make Wax-Dipped Flowers
1. Fold a couple sheets of aluminum foil to create a “box” and put several wax tea lights inside.
2. Place a hot iron on the bottom of the box you’ve created until the wax is melted.
3. Allow the wax to melt and cool off (*this is important. If the wax is too hot, it will burn the flower petals).
4. Dunk the bottom of the flowers and leaves into the wax without completely submerging the petals.
5. Place the waxed botanicals, waxed side down, on a sheet of aluminum foil to cool.

Once your flowers have cooled, you can fill your centerpiece container with cool water and top off with about an inch of oil. Scatter a few cotton wicks around your wax-dipped petals and enjoy! 

You can find a full list of materials on our Shop the Look page

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