6 Things: Fixes for a Tidy Toolshed


Spring cleaning comes in all forms.There’s closets, the pantry, basement, backyard, garden, and, of course, tool shed. An extension of both your home and garden, the tool shed is a room where practicality reigns and ease of use is important—so keeping it clean is essential. And planting season is right around the corner, which means there’s no better time to get your tool shed tidied and fully stocked for spring and summer. Read on for six of our favorite hardest working tools and features.

1. Potting table: A table with multiple levels does double work as both a workstation and storage spot. Store spare pots, soil, spades, scoopers, and anything else you reach for regularly on your shelves so you can keep your workspace (and mind!) clear while you work. 

2. Spare pots: And speaking of spare pots, keeping a crate of pots in various sizes on hand means you’re always ready to re-pot a growing plant or add a new green beauty to your patio.

3. Hooks, knobs, and racks: A set of good, reliable garden tools require maintenance, care, and a proper place in your tool shed. Hooks, knobs, and racks lining your walls will ensure they’re easily accessible and always in top shape. 

4. Twine + scissors: Constant companions, a durable ball of twine and pair of sharp scissors will see you through even the trickiest garden dilemma.

5. Hand broom + dustpan: Your tidy potting table will thank you by keeping this duo in your tool shed. Workhorses of the home and garden, a simple straw hand broom and steel dustpan is a year-round staple.

6. Water source: This could be a utility sink, watering cans, or an outdoor hose hook-up with a spray nozzle. No matter what you choose, having a handy watering source will make your life (and your plants’ life) so much easier. 

Looking for a little extra help in the garden this spring? Stop by your local store with your most pressing questions and our nursery team will be happy to point you in the right direction!

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