6 Things: 3 Garden Structures + 3 Plant Pairings


As we begin planning and planting our warm weather gardens in earnest, we’re finding fresh ways to incorporate classic garden structures into our bed and containers—and wanted to share our ideas with you here! We asked Kerry Ann McLean from our green goods team to give her expert choices on which plants pair best with our favorite garden structures.

1. Garden Tuteur + Thunbergias: “In a larger tuteur like this one, I suggest growing robust climbers like hyacinth bean or any of the thunbergias. Larger holes in a trellis require stiffer stems and large leaves to support the vine’s upwards climb.”

2. Woven Willow Flare Obelisk + Anisodontea ‘Elegant Lady’: “The many grab-and-hold opportunities in any woven structure is perfect for vining plants that ascend using tendrils like anisodontea, sweet peas, or even sour Mexican gherkin cucumbers.”

3. Zinc Sphere Hanging Basket + String of Pearls:
“Everything looks good in these baskets but because hanging baskets generally tend to dry quickly, it’s ideal to grow trailing succulent plants like the string of pearls that need less water. It’s a modern, low maintenance look that we’re really focusing on this season in our nurseries!”

If you’re still looking for fresh inspiration for your summer gardens, be sure to check out our Calendar of Events for our PA and CT locations for workshops, demos, classes, and more!

Photo credits: Dinesh Valke; Terrain, Maja Dumat

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