5 Holiday Entertaining Hacks with Nicolas Vahe


Whether it’s an intimate New Year’s Eve dinner party surrounded by your closest friends, a bustling open house complete with Christmas carols and cocktails, or a festive Hanukkah celebration with family, ‘tis the season for hosting loved ones at home. We recently discovered the extensive range of Nicolas Vahe oils, condiments, spices, and honeys that make entertaining a breeze. Below, we’re sharing five tips for elevating simple party food into something special.

Oils + Vinegars: Most oils and vinegars in the range are infused with herbs and spices, making them perfect garnishes and finishers that add flavor and interest to any dish (we’re thinking fish, roasted root vegetables, and salads to start). We’re also fans of pairing an oil and vinegar together in a bowl for dipping a fresh baguette.

Sugar + Syrups: Decadent truffles and festive caramels make the perfect takeaway gift for guests at the end of the evening (they also work as dessert in a pinch). Hosting a brunch? Pour a flavored syrup over waffles, pancakes, or oatmeal bowls to instantly add a punch of flavor.

Salt, Pepper + Spices: Nicolas Vahe does salt and pepper better than anyone. Gorgeous red salts are hued by beetroot (try it on popcorn!) while white pepper adds delicate and distinctive flavor to finish a dish. An array of globally-inspired spice mixes helps transform a meat marinade in one step.

Jams, Honey + Spreads: We keep our pantry stocked with a wide variety of sweet and savory condiments to jazz up a cheeseboard, add flavor to a sandwich, mix into pasta, or to use as a garnish. Try the orange blossom honey in hot tea, add the truffle mustard to a grilled cheese, or top brownies with the chocolate and hazelnut spread.

Crispy Snacks: In classic flavor combinations, the crispy snack bars are perfect enjoyed as an accompaniment to your favorite pesto or crushed up to use as a topping on a salad. Keep a few boxes on hand when you’ve run out of crackers or croutons.

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