3 Ways to Re-Green Your Space


While the garden is quiet in midwinter, we're turning our attention to indoor plants for a daily dose of green. Throughout the colder months, indoor gardens can help to purify air around the house and serve as a reminder of the seasons to come. Field Visual Director Melissa B. recently shared three of her favorite ways to re-green your space for a winter refresh. Best of all, many of these looks can be created by simply moving your existing plants to new and unexpected locations, making it easy to get green.

Gathered Greens: Create a refreshing oasis by grouping plants from around the house on a single table-- we especially love this look for an impactful entryway. Mix and match foliage types and planters for variety in color and texture; a curio-style terrarium in the midst can also provide a whimsical touch. If your plant collection is large, tuck in a few small stands to add height throughout the display.

Plants on Stands: Bring greenery to an unexpected corner of the home by elevating your favorite plants on stands. Group a few stands together to create a miniature garden, or use a single stand to add foliage in the bath for a spa-like atmosphere. 

Pairs + Scale: Place two matching planters together on stands or a console table for a stately display in spacious rooms. This look works especially well with architectural plants and vessels. Complete the look with a large-scale plant-- like the fiddle leaf fig tree above-- to brighten spaces with tall ceilings. 

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