3 Inspired Summer Planter Ideas with our Creative Stylist


With its abundance of lush greens, bright blooms, and wispy grasses, summer is our favorite season for getting creative with our container gardens. Whether your garden design leans minimal or grows wild, it’s easy to express your style with the season’s bounty; to help inspire you, we asked Beth Clevenstine, our creative stylist, to put together three plantings. Read on for the details!

1. Wildflower Meadow

“Here, I wanted the container to look like I took a slice right out of a wildflower field. To achieve this elegantly undone look, it’s important to carefully place your plants in layers of soil so that the larger, taller ones are planted underneath the smallest plants. Be sure to give it bright sunlight and lots of water.”

Plants: Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola' grass, yellow yarrow, Gladiator Allium, light purple scabiosa, burgundy cosmos, maiden grass, Allium shubertii, Grande Diamond Frost Euphorbia
Containers: Barnacle Etched Pot (teal, large), Fiber Concrete Barrel Pot (teal, medium) 

2. Alpine Rock Garden

“Low maintenance, colorful, and unique, this container is inspired by rock gardens in Alpine regions. Make sure to plant in sandy soil because these plants need really good drainage to thrive. It does best with bright light but is moderately drought tolerant.”

Plants: Sedum kantschaticum, string of bananas, saxifraga, flowering chive, aedum ‘Blue Spruce,' white stonecrop sedum, giant palm pod 
Containers: Fiber Concrete Bowl Planter, Iron Plant Stand, Terazzo Fiber Bowl Planter 

3. Tropical Textures

“I was inspired to use a limited color palette and lots of texture—it gave me some new ideas about incorporating matte and shiny leaves together, especially with the array of fine grasses and a pop of pink with the Caladium. Be sure to plant the largest plants first, lower in the container. Add a little soil on top of those and then add the smaller plants to get that layered look. This planting loves bright light, plenty of water, and good drainage.”

Plants: Fan palms, maiden grass, Peperomia obtysifolia, dried twisted palms, Hakonechloa macra ‘Aureola’ grass, Ssplenium ferns, Caladium, star pods
Container: Barnacle Etched Pot (small)

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