Literary Classics Set

Style No. 26609750

Updated with contemporary red dust jackets that spell “Literary Classics” when lined up on the shelf, this set of eight distinguished novels spans three centuries of literary history. The title and author of each novel is cleverly hidden in the letters on the spine, and every cover is unique inside its jacket.

Set of eight books includes:
Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen (368 pages)
Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte (385 pages)
Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens (427 pages)
Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert (330 pages)
Kim by Rudyard Kipling (306 pages)
Sons and Lovers by D.H. Lawrence (428 pages)
Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift (318 pages)
The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton (347 pages)

- Hardcover
- Juniper Books

Set: 8.5”H, 11”W, 5.5”D