Købenler Scallop Pots & Saucers

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Købenler Scallop Pots & Saucers

Hand-crafted in Italy, Købenler planters capture the simple beauty of Danish design, drawing inspiration from time-tested antique styles. Every pot and saucer is made from the best quality Italian terracotta clay, high-fired for frost resistance and indoor-outdoor durability. Købenler saucers are treated with a waterproofing agent, making them safe to place on delicate furniture. With time and handling, the terracotta will develop a weathered patina; you may polish your planters with a mild vinegar solution and soft cloth to restore a spotless appearance.

- Galestro terracotta clay
- Indoor or outdoor use
- Please note: each pot or saucer is hand-finished; some variation in color and texture should be expected. See group photo for variance. Due to the porous quality of natural clay, each piece will patina over time from handling, watering, and salts found in soil. Pots and saucers may arrive with some marks of handling or patina; a vinegar solution can be used to return your item to its original finish.
- Handmade in Italy

Small: 5.25”H, 4.75”D, 5.5” exterior diameter at mouth, 4.8” interior diameter at mouth, 3.75” diameter at base
Medium: 6.75”H, 6”D, 7” exterior diameter at mouth, 6.4” interior diameter at mouth, 5” diameter at base
Large: 8.75”H, 7.8”D, 9.75” exterior diameter at mouth, 8.8” interior diameter at mouth, 6.75” diameter at base
Extra Large: 9.25”H, 8.75”D, 12” exterior diameter at mouth, 11.25” interior diameter at mouth, 8” diameter at base

Small: 1”H, 0.75”D, 5” exterior diameter at mouth, 4.5” interior diameter at mouth, 4.25” exterior diameter at base, 4” interior diameter at base
Medium: 1.5”H, 1”D, 6.75” exterior diameter at mouth, 5.75” interior diameter at mouth, 5.5” exterior diameter at base, 5.2” interior diameter at base
Large 1.5”H, 1.25”D, 8.75” exterior diameter at mouth, 8.5” interior diameter at mouth, 7.5” exterior diameter at base, 7.2” interior diameter at base
Extra Large: 1.5”H, 1.25”D, 9.75” exterior diameter at mouth, 9.5” interior diameter at mouth, 8.75” exterior diameter at base, 8.25” interior diameter at base