All new vendors are required to complete the “New Vendor Registration Form”, by going You will find a link on this site for vendor registration. Once you have completed the registration, you will be emailed your vendor ID within 36 hours. Purchase orders cannot be issued until you are registered as a vendor with Terrain (Urban Outfitters Inc.)

Your purchase order will designate the ship to location. Your purchase order will contain a Ship On Date (simply known as Ship Date) and an In-house Cancel Date (simply known as Cancel Date).

  • Delivery of Purchase Orders earlier than the Ship Date indicated will be refused.
  • Delivery of Purchase Orders after the Cancel Date indicated will be refused.
  • Cancel Date is not an X-factory date.
  • If your order cannot be delivered prior to the Cancel Date, you must contact your Buyer.
  • Terrain is not responsible for any redelivery charges associated with refused shipments.

Compliance with the instructions set forth herein will not only aid us in our receiving and processing efficiency, but will also ensure prompt payment of invoices and eliminate the necessity of issuing chargebacks.

Ready To Recieve a Purchase Order?
When a PO is issued, you will receive an email notification alerting you to log in to Tradestone, our web-based PO management system, to view your order.  Terrain requires all vendors to use Tradestone to receive and accept POs, enter customs descriptions, create packing lists, and to generate UCC-128 labels and invoices.  You will access Tradestone by going to  Your login credentials are as follows:

User Name: ven-xxxxx-01
Password: xx@xxxxx

You can access our online training video directly via  This link can also be found on your Tradestone dashboard under “Hot Links.” Please note that the use of Tradestone does not apply to all vendors. Select vendors will still receive purchase orders via email from faxstar.