All merchandise shipped to Terrain Distribution Centers or studios must adhere to the following general packaging, marking, and labeling guidelines. Following these guidelines helps insure that your merchandise arrives in our warehouse intact, undamaged, and as accurately as possible.

Please refer to the contact list if you have any questions about these requirements. Terrain must approve any variation to these standards in advance of the shipment. Vendor should require written confirmation to avoid violations to our requirements that will result in direct charge backs to offset additional costs to package, label, or dispose of unsatisfactory products.

All hard goods must be marked with the country of origin on the item or the outside of the package, or have a permanently attached label that is visible to the end user of the product.

Plants (including live, artificial or dried plants, flowers, shrubs and nursery stock) do not require a Country of Origin marking.

Order Processing & Fulfillment for Domestic and Off-shore Vendors

Shipment of Orders:

  • Orders should be shipped in strict accordance with the ship dates indicated on the Purchase Order.
  • Vendors must notify the appropriate Buyer of potential delays in shipment or partial shipments at least 10 business days prior to scheduled Ship Date. Receipt of such report does not constitute a waiver of the due dates for delivery. Terrain may assess penalties for early, late, and/or partial shipments.
  • Vendor will be responsible for any costs incurred as a result of an incorrect product shipment.

Shipment of Orders: Drop Ship Orders

  • Daily orders should be reviewed for those marked for expedited shipment. These orders require a high level of customer service and should be filled with the next available units. If an expedited shipment is required it will be noted on the Purchase Order.
  • All Vendor made-to-order items must ship within agreed upon lead-time.
  • Orders should be shipped in the order in which they were received - first in, first out. In most cases, Vendor will be expected to operate with a working inventory to ensure shipping on a daily basis.
  • Vendor shall confirm order shipment with tracking numbers within 24 hours of shipping to specified contact at Terrain.
  • Vendor will be responsible for any costs incurred as a result of an incorrect product shipment.


General Packaging Requirements – Unit Prep

The inner carton specifications must ensure the safe arrival of merchandise and meet the following criteria:

  • All home and Garden products must be wrapped entirely in a minimum thickness of 0.06mm plastic sheet or 0.5mm micro foam.
  • All merchandise must be packed in re-shippable cartons, and cartons must have a burst strength of 200 psi or greater. See guidelines on pages 8 and 9.
  • Merchandise that is greater than 21 inches in length or 25 pounds must be shipped in “customer ship ready cartons” as single units, safe for transit in a small package environment.
  • All merchandise must be well protected, such that no internal movement occurs when the box is shaken. Individual items must be wrapped with sufficient microfoam sheets or paper padding to prevent movement and the possibility of items rubbing together.
  • Ensure that there is no unoccupied air space in the inner carton.
  • Any moving parts or areas that could potentially rub against other parts or the carton must be covered in micro foam or corrugated sheets.
  • If cartons are packed with multiple Sku’s the vendor must separate each section of a mixed carton with a layer of corrugate or paper.

Cartons – Carton Prep

  • Cartons must be fully enclosed with no exposure of internal contents.
  • Cartons should be sized to fit snuggly around the internal packaging so there is no room for the product to move or vibrate.
  • Box type is dependent on the type of product; specified in the following sections.
  • Do not pack more than 50 (fifty) pounds to a shipping carton, unless the weight of a single item exceeds this weight limit.
  • Maximum acceptable carton dimensions are 24” length, 16” width, and 18” height, unless the size of the item exceeds these dimensions.
  • Only standard 48” X 40” pallets will be accepted for shipments that are palletized.
  • Staples are not allowed to seal or secure cartons. Tape only.
  • Tape must be professional heavy-duty clear plastic box tape, or cord reinforced brown paper box tape. No plastic office tape. Do not place bands or straps on cartons as they may damage our sorting equipment.
  • Cartons need to be printed with clearly visible UP arrows and standard ‘Fragile’, ‘This way up’ and ‘Keep Dry’ pictorial symbols, as per ATSM D5445 "Standard Practice for Pictorial Markings for Handling of Goods" or similar.
  • Cartons must meet the following specifications based on final package weight:

< 10 Lbs. Double wall 200 psi 32 lbf/in
10-100 lbs Double wall 275 psi 32 lbf/in
100-200 lbs Double wall 275 psi 48 lbf/in
> 200 lbs Triple wall 350 psi 51 lbf/in

AC flute sizing is required for Double-Wall cartons

For detailed packaging requirements, please see our Packaging and Product Requirements Addendum, which is arranged by product classification.

Carton Marking Instructions

The following information must appear legibly on the outside of each shipping carton:

  • The full address of both the shipper and the ship to address or consignee address (if applicable), as is indicated on the P.O.
  • The Terrain purchase order number.
  • Vendor style number / size and color.
  • Number of units contained in the carton.
  • Multiple carton shipment markings, e.g. 1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc.
  • All cartons must be marked “Do Not Open with a Sharp Instrument.”

Note: Vendors creating packing lists and carton labels out of Tradestone will not need to adhere to the above guidelines. The Tradestone UCC128 carton label will take the place of self marking the carton,

See page 21 for an example of the preferred carton marking method.

Packing lists must accompany all shipments and be affixed to the outside of the first carton in a “Packing List Enclosed” envelope.

Vendor must notify the Terrain Buyer if orders are being partially shipped prior to shipping.

Packing List

Each Shipment must contain a Master Packing List that provides a summary and detailed breakdown, by carton, of the total contents of the order being shipped. Packing lists created out of Tradestone will contain all the required information.

Packing list must be legible and affixed to the outside of the lead carton, and must contain the following information:

  • Retail - Terrain seven digit purchase order number.
  • Terrain style number / name or product description.
  • Terrain color name or number
  • Total number of cartons.
  • Unit of measure, e.g. each, dozens, pre-pack, etc. For pre-packed merchandise, individual size breakdowns must be indicated.
  • Quantity per SKU (style/color/size) for each carton.
  • Total number of units in shipment.

Note: Tradestone packing lists will contain all the required information.

When a shipment contains multiple purchase orders, a separate packing list for each purchase order is required. Do not combine multiple purchase orders on the same packing list.

Our maximum carton dimensions are 24” X 16” X 18” (61 cm X 40.6 cm X 45.7 cm). If the size or packing requirements of your item requires larger than our maximum dimensions, please contact the Vendor Relations team to receive an exemption from this requirement.