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All Tradestone related questions should be directed to Vendor Relations:

Jay Hallett - Ph: 717 442 1219  Email:
Ted Kelly- Ph: 215 454 5674  Email:
Tradestone Requirements – PLM / PO Management System

Urban Outfitters, Inc. requires all vendors to use Tradestone, our web-based PO management system, to process all orders. You are responsible for receiving, accepting and requesting changes to all purchase orders through the system. You are responsible for checking the My Action Required query regularly to ensure no POs are overlooked. Not all updates to a PO will generate an automatic email notifying the vendor that their review and reacceptance is required.

In addition, it is required that you enter customs descriptions, create UCC-128 master carton labels and generate invoices in Tradestone for all shipments. All orders shipped to the Urban Outfitters, Inc. distribution centers require a Tradestone packing list and carton labels, and customs information must be entered in to Tradestone prior to shipping out the order. Only Tradestone invoices should be issued for payment. Failure to comply with any of the above will result in a $100 Chargeback per each non-compliance offense.