Final Steps and Getting Paid
Where applicable, Tradestone invoices should be used to submit for payment.  Domestic vendors with NET30 payment terms should send invoices to our AP department at or via mail.  All WIRE vendors will submit the invoice/wire transfer request form to their buyer.  All IMPORT vendors will need to include the invoice with their shipping documents. 
Payment Terms

Domestic Vendors

All Urban Outfitters, Inc. invoices are paid 30 days from the date merchandise has been entered onto our system. A detailed commercial invoice must be submitted to Accounts Payable for each Purchase Order. Please email the invoice to and be sure to include the PO# on each corresponding invoice. Multiple orders are not to be combined on one invoice. Invoices should not be submitted to the Buyer. Do not send invoices with your shipment to our Distribution Centers. To ensure the timely payment of merchandise, all invoices should be submitted at the time the order ships.

Delays in submitting invoices or failure to submit invoices directly to Accounts Payable may result in a delay of payment.

Where applicable, all invoices must be a Tradestone invoice, an additional invoice is not required. All invoices must be in U.S. Dollars. Invoices submitted in other than U.S. Dollars will not be paid. Invoices require the following information to be approved for payment:
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Remittance Address
  • Urban Outfitters, Inc. vendor number
  • Urban Outfitters, Inc. Purchase Order number
  • Urban Outfitters, Inc. SKU and Color
  • Product description
  • Unit cost (inclusive of all discounts and allowances)
  • Vendor Item Number
  • Quantity
  • Total amount owed
  • Country of Origin

Note: Payment of invoice will not constitute acceptance of goods and will be subject to adjustments for errors, shortages, defects in the goods, or other failure of Vendor to meet the requirements of this Agreement.

Invoicing Samples: Samples are to be provided by Vendor at no charge to Urban Outfitters, Inc.

Please contact the A/P Representative indicated below for all inquiries pertaining to Retail and Direct PO numbers. Inquiries pertaining to payment will only be addressed if an invoice is 15 days past due.

If your company name begins with the letter:

#,A,C,D,E,G,I,J,K,M,U,W: Melissa Fantazzia (215)454-4769
B,F,H,P,Q,V,Y: Doris Ruiz (215)454-7068
L,N,O,R,S,T,X,Z: Ally Cruz (215)454-7072

Also, please note we now have a direct email box set up for invoices. If you wish to email your invoices, you may do so to: This email address is for first time invoice submission only. No response from this email address will be made. All inquiries should be sent directly to the A/P Representative listed above.

If you prefer to send your invoices via regular mail, please send them to the address below:

Urban Outfitters Inc.
Attn: Accounts Payable
5000 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19112
Import Vendors
Wire Transfer
Wire payment can only be made if the following documents are emailed to :

Trade Stone Invoice

  • Non Trade Stone invoices will be accepted only if a Trade Stone invoice is not available.
  • Non Trade Stone invoices must be submitted in USD ONLY.
Shipping Document (i.e. Ocean Bill of Lading, Air Waybill)
Inspection Certificate
A completed Wire Transfer Request Form.  Please click here to download the Wire Transfer Form.
Once emailed to the Finance Department, payment will be initiated within two weeks as long as shipment has been confirmed by our Customs Compliance Department. Failure to submit all requested documents may result in payment delays. Kindly allow us our 2 weeks processing time before inquiring about payment. You will receive a confirmation email once complete.
*Please take special note of the following:
1. Wire Transfer Payments are available only to international vendors with international banking details.
2. Wire payments are made in USD only.
3. There is a $25 wire fee with every wire transfer, this fee is the responsibility of the beneficiary and is nonnegotiable.
4. Any change in banking details needs to be brought to the special attention of the Finance Department.
Letters of Credit
Letters of Credit: It is our policy that an LC is opened 30-45 days prior to the ship date. It will only be issued to Global vendors and advised to banks located overseas. If a vendor is represented by an UOI appointed agent, the L/C will be issued to the agent unless it is requested to issue the L/C directly to the factory. Bank fees will be applied for clean L/C draws. Additional fees are applied by the bank if any presentation discrepancies are found. Vendors should check with their bank for further details. UOI issues to its suppliers/agents a standard L/C with generally accepted terms and conditions that are not subject to major modifications. Minor modifications might be considered if requested by the Agent/Vendor and approved by UOI.
Letter of Credit Contact: Farid Khair –