Terrain has implemented a Quality Assurance program to ensure that our customers continually receive a quality product free of defects, poor workmanship, or color shading problems. The quality control auditing of all items will be conducted in the Terrain Distribution Center by the Quality Assurance Department. The audit sample will be pulled on a random basis, and the acceptance of the order will be based on the Military Standard 105E as a guideline.

A) Vendor Out-Going Merchandise Inspection Policy

Terrain requires vendors to perform independent ‘out of the box’ Quality Inspections on their own products before shipping orders.

All items should be inspected by workers before packaging; however, Terrain also requires that company Quality Inspectors (or Management in lieu of a designated person) inspect a portion of packaged boxes before releasing them for shipment. This involves opening packaged boxes and fully inspecting the item.

B) Distribution Center Inspection Policy

All incoming merchandise is inspected by the Distribution Center (DC) Quality Assurance Department for order accuracy and quality. This is to ensure what is received matches what was ordered, and that the product meets Terrains strict quality expectations.

Inspections are performed by the DC Quality Assurance Inspector.

The inspection of an initial sample per SKU will be performed to check for the accuracy of the order. The physical condition and description of the item will be verified against what was actually ordered. (i.e. Does the 42” wooden bench with stenciling, match the description provided on the Product Information Sheet.)
Once order accuracy has been confirmed, the QA Inspector inspects for quality compliance.

‘Inspection Sampling Plans’ are used to determine the number of items that must be inspected to give a representative sample of the complete order at pre-determined level of assurance.

C) Rejected Merchandise Procedure

  • Any goods that fail inspection due to inferior quality, incorrect product, damages in transit due to packaging, or incorrect packaging or labeling will be subject to a vendor charge back.
  • Charge backs may include a total replacement or credit for defective merchandise.
  • Terrain will charge the vendor for the direct cost of labor incurred for 100% inspections.

If defective merchandise is shipped, Terrain will email the vendor for a Return Authorization (RA) # to return the goods. Vendors are required to pay for the return freight. If replacement merchandise is sent it must be shipped immediately and the vendor will pay for the shipping of this merchandise.

If damage occurs to merchandise, due to inferior packaging, prior to its arrival at the Terrain Distribution Center, Terrain is absolved of the total cost of the merchandise.

D) Sample Requirements

It is required by Terrain, that when your product has been chosen for inclusion in the assortment, that the vendor furnish us with a sample as outlined below. The sampling policy may be modified at the discretion of the buyer. Failure to deliver all samples and information in a timely fashion may result in the cancellation of all purchase orders. All samples are considered a cost of doing business and should be furnished and sent to Terrain at the vendor’s expense, unless otherwise stated and approved by the Buyer.