How-To: Create a Sunprint


A little sun, a few stems from the garden, our crafter’s kit and an original sunprint is yours for the making.

What You'll Need
Sunprint Kit (includes sunprint paper, acrylic overlay)
Natural botanicals (i.e. freshly picked flowers, dried flowers, leaves)
Water for rinsing the paper

Step 1- Arrange your plant clippings on sunprint paper, blue side up. Be sure to have your arrangement thought out ahead of time and try and to work quickly, as the image begins to process as soon as the sunprint paper is exposed to light.
Step 2- Place the acrylic overly over the plant objects to flatten and hold in place. For a softer botanical imprint, you may skip this step.
Step 3- Expose the paper to the sun until it turns nearly white (approximately 1-5 minutes) - be careful not to overexpose!
Step 4- Rinse the paper in water for about 1 minute.
Step 5- Lay the print flat or hang to dry. (Note: the image will continue to process even after it is dry!)

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