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Tag + Garden Sale: Nursery Savings

It's that time of summer-- our annual Tag + Garden Sale is here! Along with fresh cuts on furniture, home goods, and garden gear in stores and online, our Styer's and Westport nurseries will be filled with fresh markdowns on select annuals, perennials, and edibles. With botanicals of all shapes and sizes included in the sale, it's the perfect time to stock up for high summer in the garden.

25% off all regular price hanging baskets, hydrangea, crape myrtles, roses
Annuals: 25% off regular price 10", 4", and 1 qt. pots
Perennials: 25% off regular price vines and grasses
Edibles: 25% off regular price herbs, fruits, and vegetables

Can't make it to the store? Shop the Tag + Garden Sale online. 


Dig into Spring 2015

May 6, 2015


Each year, there’s nothing we look forward to more than getting our hands back into the dirt when spring arrives. To celebrate our favorite season, the annual Dig into Spring festival was recently held at both terrain locations, complete with local marketplaces, seasonal eats, book signings, trunkshows, kids' crafts, and more. On April 25th at Styer’s and May 2nd in Westport, festivalgoers stopped by to watch live plantings from our nursery experts, get inspired by design demonstrations, enjoy live music, and pick up some plants for their own gardens. Spring was in full swing on both occasions, with the nursery in bloom and bright sunshine throughout the day. Baby goats from The Farm at Doe Run were a hit at Styer’s, and a spa retreat with skincare guru Indie Lee was a favorite in Westport. Each festival concluded with a special spring dinner; Styer's welcomed acclaimed Philadelphia restaurant Vedge, while Sweet Paul and food writer David Leite hosted the meal in Westport. The festivals kick off a busy season of events at terrain-- check out our calendar to see what's coming up next!


A weekend dining tradition that dates back to 19th-century England, brunch might just be our favorite meal at the Garden Café. In fact, we love brunch so much that our cafés will now be serving it every day from 10A-3P. This week, we stopped by Styer's to see what's on the menu for daily brunch this spring, and to celebrate a recent accolade--  our cafés were awarded the distinction of being among OpenTable’s Top 100 Best Brunch Restaurants in America!

What makes brunch at terrain so special? Many diners love our airy and buttery French toast, especially when accompanied by a refreshing blackberry spritzer like the one above. Succulent farm-to-table dishes pair up with the historic atmosphere of our greenhouse dining room for a relaxing meal that's rooted in garden tradition. As one café regular put it, “Dining at the Garden Café is like a watching a symphony of charming details. It’s lush, romantic, comfortable, and consistently innovative.”

Join us for brunch 7 days a week in the Garden Café from 10A-3P. Visit OpenTable to make a reservation in Westport or Glen Mills.


Sweet Paul Makerie at Terrain

April 21, 2015


On April 11 and 12, terrain partnered with Sweet Paul and The Makerie to welcome guests from 24 states and 5 countries for a weekend creative retreat. At our Styer's nursery and the URBN Home Office campus in Philadelphia, artists and makers gathered for two days of inspiring workshops, conversations, and meals. Sweet Paul's Paul Lowe says, "Hosting the weekend at terrain and URBN was a true treat. We have a long-standing friendship with terrain, so when we were looking for a partner for this year's Makerie, it was on top of our list! The highlight for me was meeting all the amazing people who spent the weekend with us."

Participants also loved the mix of locations, spending a day in terrain's historic nursery then heading to the more modern, industrial spaces at URBN. Paul describes The Makerie as, "all about being creative, eating and drinking well, meeting new friends, and having a few days where all you need to think about it having a good time. People form real friendships and the participants really feel how much effort we put into this being a truly special experience."

terrain Events Manager Diane S. adds, "I loved the workshops hosted by Deborah and Megan, members of the terrain team; they led guests in making terrariums and wild-foraged wreaths. Saturday's dinner, featuring recipes inspired by Sweet Paul, was also wonderful. And on Sunday, terrain's Creative Director, Greg L., spoke to the group about the inspiration behind our brand and where we're headed in the future."

Throughout the weekend, Makerie participants also learned to design their own stamps, embroider, create watercolor correspondence, and craft the perfect tablescape. Paul says, "All the workshops were amazing, but I personally loved the weaving class. I bought a loom and will start weaving as soon as I can get myself to a yarn store!" We can't wait to see what all the weekend's teachers, speakers, and attendees create next!


Images courtesy of Michael Spain-Smith (1, 2L, 3) & Chloe Burke (2R). 

Our Dig into Spring festival is just two weeks away, and we can't wait to celebrate the arrival of garden season. To close the day's festivities in Glen Mills, we'll be hosting a dinner with Richard Landau and Kate Jacoby, the talented duo behind Vedge and V Street. Since opening in 2011, Vedge has become one of Philadelphia's most acclaimed restaurants, serving up an all-vegetable menu that also inspired an epnoymous cookbook. Recently, we chatted with the veggie experts about spring in their kitchen and got the recipe for one of the dinner's featured dishes-- Roasted Asparagus with Hazelnut Picada.

terrain: What are you most excited about cooking right now?  

Richard: Spring vegetables, of course! This is the most electric time of year for a vegetable restaurant. No more squash, potatoes and onions. Green things are arriving everyday now-- ramps, spring onions, peas, arugula, fennel, leeks, Swiss chard.  It's vegetable spring fever! Flavor-wise, we just returned from a mind blowing food trip to Morocco. It was eye-opening to experience the truly great cuisine and how they use their spices. 

terrain: What do you enjoy most about cooking with vegetables?  

Richard: Well, you don't squirm when you think about "where vegetables come from..."  But from a culinary standpoint, there are limitless flavors, textures, colors, etc. You never get bored. I also really enjoy the challenge of changing peoples' minds about vegetables. Some people think they hate a certain vegetable, but the truth is, they just hate the way that vegetable was prepared for them once (usually when they were 9!).

terrain: What tips do you have for cooks who want to create a veg-centered, meal but are used to meat-centric meals?  

Richard: Don't feel like you have to create a whole new cuisine. Sometimes, you just need to substitute meat with a vegetable or plant-based protein. You also have to want to change your diet and embrace the fact that your meals should be heavy on vegetables. If you set yourself up to miss meat, then it's too much of a fight. There a million cooking tips for vegetables, but the mentality must come first.  

terrain: Kate, what are some of your favorite drink pairings for the spring dishes you all are serving right now?  

Kate: This time of year, the beers go lighter, the wine goes greener, and the cocktails are super crisp. I'm really excited about a riff on a classic martini we're serving at Vedge (with a touch of white port - it's a perfect aperitif) and a Middle Eastern-inspired drink we're running at V Street which pairs Lebanese spirits with green herbs and "Greek yogurt."

terrain: What was your inspiration when creating the dinner menu for Dig into Spring?  

Richard: When we're guest chefs, we like to let the host kitchen plan the base of the menu. So we asked terrain chef Jared Frazer to pick out what he'd like to make from the cookbook. From there, we'll collaborate and add all sorts of special touches to make the meal unique.

Ready to Dig into Spring? See a complete list of the day's festivities, or RSVP for dinner with Vedge. Read on for the recipe for Roasted Asparagus with Hazelnut Picada.