Root Zone Feeder Packs with Biochar, 12-Pack

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Grow big plants and increase your yields! Great for all types of plants, these easy-to-use feeder packs offer concentrated nutrition with no mixing or measuring required. Simply add a pack below the plant’s root ball at potting time, making sure to touch the plant’s roots.

 - Ingredients: 4-2-2 Fertilizer, Endo Mycorrhizae (Beneficial Biology), Biochar (Yield Booster), Azomite (A-Z trace minerals), Micronized Oyster Shell (5% Calcium), & 1% Sulphur, resealable plastic bag
- Add 1 packet per plant to the planting hole in direct contact with the root ball
- If planting in larger than a 5 gallon container, use 1 packet for every 5 gallons
- 100% organic
- Safe for people & pets

12 fifty-gram packs (1.6 lbs)

About Organic Mechanics: Founded in 2006, Organic Mechanics are a small batch blender of premium potting soils and soil amendments. Based in Modena, PA, their soils are made from organic, and often re-purposed materials, such as coconut coir, compost, and worm castings. Their mission is to produce the highest quality, most earth-friendly products available. As employers in their local economy, they utilize renewable energy and power their equipment with bio-diesel. All of their products are 100% organic, peat-free, chock full of beneficial biology, and people and pet safe.