Hair of the Dog Bitters

Style No. 28225332

Hand-crafted in small batches at Colorado’s Dram Apothecary, these all-natural bitters add a fresh burst of flavor to teas, juices, or cocktails thanks to a blend of ginger, fennel, citrus, and wintergreen. Since the Renaissance, bitter herbs have been used as a natural cure-all, with this herbal elixir making the perfect remedy for overindulgence in good spirits.

- Ingredients: ginger, orange peel, lemon peel, agrimony, cassia bark, meadowsweet, kudzu root, blessed thistle, centaury, butternut bark, wormwood, gentian, wild cherry bark, licorice, fennel seed, wintergreen
- Glass bottle with built-in dropper
- Handmade in the USA

4 oz.

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