Ask Our Expert: Cold Weather Birding

From a bright-red cardinal against fresh snow to robins in early spring, we love spotting birds of all shapes and sizes in our gardens. During the winter months, we especially enjoy the color and life that winged visitors bring to our view from the window. For tips on inviting feathered friends to our landscapes this winter, we turned to our Creative Director, Greg L. To draw birds to the garden-- and encourage them to stay throughout the seasons-- Greg shared his essentials for birding during the coldest months. Above all, he stressed the importance of consistency and patience; offer food, water, and shelter throughout the year, and be aware that it might take birds a few weeks to find your garden. If you're just starting out, here are five more tips for a bird-friendly winter landscape.

Full feeders: Make sure to fill your feeders consistently throughout the year, not just during the colder months. If food is available in the spring and summer, birds will come to rely on your garden as a source of food and stay to nest and overwinter.