Habit + Habitat: Alli McGrane

Ever wonder what the folks at terrain do when we're not in the nursery? In our monthly series, Habit + Habitat, we're finding out by asking one person to share a favorite habit and a beloved habitat. This month, we’re chatting with Web Stylist Alli McGrane, who works behind the scenes to make sure every photo and email looks beautiful. With just three(!) days until Christmas, Alli took us to her studio for a peek at her favorite holiday habit-- crafting hand-printed gift wrap.

terrain: What is your role at terrain? Can you describe your typical day?

Alli: I'm the web stylist. On a typical day, I'm setting up scenes and products that will be photographed for our emails and website.

terrain: Can you tell us about your studio space at home?

Alli: It’s a very small space. There's just enough room for a small desk and shelves, but it has a lot of natural light to work by.