How-To: Overwintering Geraniums

With fall around the corner, we're making plans for our plants during the cooler seasons. Along with pruning, mulching, and planting bulbs in preparation for spring, we're getting ready to overwinter some of our plants indoors. At the top of our list are colorful, annual geraniums, so we asked one of our garden experts-- plant buyer Karen C.-- for a few tips on overwintering these summer garden favorites. Karen says, "There are many types of geraniums. The perennial varieties are properly known as Geraniums, and can be left in the garden for the winter. Annual geraniums are technically Pelargoniums, and include five types: zonal (cutting), ivy, scented, seed, and Regal (also known as Martha Washington). All annual varieties except the Regals can be overwintered indoors, and there are three ways to do so; Regal types are more picky and don't overwinter well." Read on for Karen's tips.