Habit + Habitat: Deborah Herbertson

Ever wonder what the folks at terrain do when we're not in the nursery? In our series Habit + Habitat, we're finding out by asking one person to share a favorite habit and a beloved habitat. This month, we’re spotlighting Design by Terrain Supervisor Deborah Herbertson, who spends her days in our Westport store creating quintessentially terrain plantings for customers to enjoy at home. Recently, Deb shared how her habit of working with flowers got started (and turned into a great career!) and how she unwinds at the end of a creative day on her beloved front porch. 

terrain: What is your role at terrain? Tell us a bit about your typical day. 

Deb: I am the Design by Terrain Supervisor at our Westport, Connecticut store. I’m fortunate to work with a wonderful, talented group of women that create terrain’s custom planted pieces. The one constant is that my hands are usually in the dirt! On any given day, we create simple drop-ins, custom centerpieces, outdoor containers, and terrariums. I also have the pleasure of traveling to customers' homes for design work, and teaching many of our classes. Customers often say, “You have the best job!” My response is always, “Yes, I do!” How many people get to go to work thinking, “What shall I make today?” It’s a joyful thing.

terrain: What’s one word the best describes your habitat – your front porch, and your habit – floral arranging? 

Deb: My habitat, retreat. My habit, passion.