Since early September, terrain plant buyer Karen C. has been traveling across Pennsylvania to find this season's very best pumpkins and gourds at annual pumpkin auctions. Her picks are now filling our nursery with fall color, and we stopped by Styer's earlier this week to snap the photos above. We'll be decorating, carving, and even baking with this bumper crop throughout the season. Karen shared some fun facts about a few of our favorite varieties, below.

Fairytale: A French heirloom variety, this unusual pumpkin has a deeply lobed shape and mahogany-brown hue. Weighing up to 15 pounds, its deep orange flesh is great for cooking and pie baking.

Prizewinner: Weighing up to 300 pounds, Prizewinners are sure to be a showstopper. A popular variety for giant pumpkin contests, they add a pop of vibrant red-orange in the fall garden or on the doorstep.

Casperita: These petite, white pumpkins are an ideal addition to seasonal décor thanks to their sturdy, green handles and long-lasting color.